Awesome Garage Home Gym Remodel

Hey you guys! Welcome to my side of thegarage.

I'm not sure if you guys have ever seen what the garage looked like before, but it was kind of ugly, dark, dingy, didn't really have much color orpersonality, and that's not me.

So as you can see we've done a little bit of revamping and brightening it up more towards my style.

So I'm gonna take youthrough what we've done and some of the equipment that I have in here.

To start off over here, I have the treadmill and I've had this since we turned myhalf of the garage into a gym.

I use this every day, um, when I come towork out to warm up, cool down, do my cardio, if I don't go outside to docardio.

And I'm lucky enough to have a TV on the wall! To help with the musicor to watch something on TV if I'm gonna be out here for a while.

Um, I have thisnice mirror, which I actually found on Craigslist for like 25 bucks, which was agreat steal.

So this used to sit down on the ground before we did the remodel orreviving of this half of the garage and now we've hung it up.

So that's nice youhave to worry about it falling over.

I've got my box step, my box jump downhere and then I've got my little bucket that I have for my jump rope, my roundresistance bands, you know my sliders, all of that kind of little equipment I justkeep right here in this bucket.

Ankle weights.

I've got my foam rollerand then I've got this nifty contraption.

I'll have to do a review on thissometime, but it's called the Activmotion Bar.

It really helps a lot with yourbalance.

Okay, so then one of the new pieces ofequipment that I got when we revived this half of the garage was these newdumbbells.

I used to have just one dumbbell set and it had different plateson it.

I every time I'd want to switch the weight I'd have to unscrewthe end off, put a new plate on, and then screw it back on.

Which really made itkind of hard to do drop sets or anything like that.

I'd really just kind of stickto one weight for a particular exercise.

So I got this Hex dumbbell set righthere, which goes all the way from 5 up to 25 pounds.

Which is really easy.

It's nice,it came with its own little stand.

Then underneath down here I've got my son's or dumbbells and stuff like that.

So if he's out here with me he can have easy access to it.

Then I've got my medicine balls lined up across here, all nice and neat.

My kettlebells, same way.

Then over here I've got my Bosu ball.

And the big, new piece of equipment that we got is the Marcy Diamond Elite SmithPress Machine.

So I'll be doing a review over this on another video, but I absolutely love this machine, because the machine I had beforehand only had fourdifferent stations.

Which I'd have to modify those four different stations todo particular exercises.

Which wasn't really safe all the time, but Imade sure I did it slow and easy just make sure I wouldn't get myself hurt.

Then one piece of equipment that I forgot, is I have this piece of metal onthe wall that I can adjust up and down to use my resistance bands.

Which is nice, because I can go all the way up here to work upper body or all the waydown to the bottom to work lower body.

Okay! So now for the wall! Okay, so I absolutelylove this wall.

It was my husband's idea to use shiplap.

And that's what we did.

We just took plain raw shiplap and I picked out five different paintcolors that I liked and that I wanted, and so, as you can see we did twodifferent colors of purple, two different colors of gray, and black.

And it tookabout three days of painting to paint all of these pieces of shiplap and thenabout another day, day and a half to get it up on the wall.

We use the nailgun and some wood glue to make sure it stayed up there.

We painted the ceiling alight gray, just to kind of get that yellowish taupe color that was in thegarage kind of out of here, and to tie into the wall.

And then on the floor, thematting is not the typical fitness mats that you see at, like, you know, likeDicks or Academy or Walmart or something like that, that they sell.

This is cattle mats from Tractors Supply.

I could get a lot more for this square footage, for a cheaper price and they last a lot longer.

So I really really like them andthey're pretty easy to clean.

So this is my half of the garage.

If you guys haveany questions or comments please let me know.

I'd love to explain more and I willbe doing some reviews on a lot of this equipmentthat I have out here that I took you through this video.

I hoped you liked it! Also, I'mgonna put links below the video of the equipment and stuff that I have here, inmy home gym, in case you're wondering what it is and you'd like to make yourown home gym or have some at your house.

Also, make sure to comment if there'ssomething that you have a question about or you have a suggestion or idea onsomething that I could do more in here.

I'd love to hear your ideas.

And then also, make sure to subscribe for future videos that I've got coming out.

Peace! Ready? Hey guys, welcome to my garage.

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