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The Big Cheese TBC075 Rat Cage Trap, Silver

Brand The Big Cheese
Category Lawn & Patio
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  • Humane cage rat trap: catch a rat alive without causing them harm, ready for relocation
  • Long-lasting, sturdy design: galvanized mesh with machine finish provides durability without hazardous sharp edges so the captured animal can't be harmed inside the trap
  • Fully assembled: cage trap comes set-up and ready to use. Simply bait and position
  • Protective hand plate and carrier handle: protection offered against biting or scratching enabling secure transportation when carrying the trap for relocation
  • Easy to bait and set: full on-pack instructions provided. Trap measures 36 x 14 x 16cm. Ensure trap is regularly checked so captured animals can be euthanized or released as soon as possible
The live catch rat cage trap from The Big Cheese is a DIY, reusable cage trap that is easy to bait & set. The cage comes ready-built with instructions for use printed on the inside of the recyclable wraparound cover. It's suitable for trapping chipmunks, rats, squirrels, voles, weasels & mink. It can be used indoors or outdoors; The galvanized steel construction means it's long-lasting & weather-resistant. Bait & set the trap then position in areas such as attics, basements, garages, crawlspaces, cupboards, yd, & barns. This Live catch, humane cage trap can be used around kids & pets, trapping rodents without the use of chemicals, poisons or glue, making it a more humane solution to Pest problems. The multi-purpose solid Hand shield that's built into the top of the trap provides protection against bites & scratches from the captured animal while the user is carrying the cage. This shield also offers shade for captured animals increasing the welfare of captures. Bait The trap using The Big Cheese Mouse & rat attractant (sold separately) for efficient captures. Suitable for use in hotels, apartments, businesses, workshops, pool houses, factories, warehouses, RVs, campsites & more.