Chimney Balloon 30"x9" Inflatable Blocker (Large Chimney Pillow ~ Chimney Balloon


Chimney Balloon 30"x9" Inflatable Blocker (Large Chimney Pillow

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  • Save up to 30% on your heating bill, and stop cold fireplace draft debris and odor!
  • 15 years of happy Chimney Balloon owners say: "It pays for itself in savings on one heating bill!"
  • Easy Do-it-yourself installation! Measure - Order - Install!
  • Every fireplace is unique, so Chimney Balloons are available in 100 sizes! For more sizes call 608-467-0229
  • The US Department of Energy says 14% air infiltration enters the home through the fireplace.
Fireplace dampers are inefficient due to warping and misalignment from frequent heating and cooling. A bad or missing damper can cost you up to 30% more on your heating bill. Your fireplace damper is releasing your indoor heat and letting in cold outside air! The Chimney Balloon® is a inflatable blocker that prevents drafts from a chimney caused by a broken, warped, or missing flue damper. It even works in chimneys that have no damper! The Chimney Balloon stops this heat loss by acting as a chimney blocker to insulate your fireplace and save you money, heat, and comfort. This 30"X9" Chimney Balloon is designed to work on a chimney with maximum flue or damper dimensions of 30"x9". See image link above on how to measure your fireplace for a Chimney Balloon. Every fireplace and chimney is unique, don't be fooled by one size fits all solutions. We list the most commons size Chimney Balloons on Amazon, but Chimney Balloons are available in many sizes. Call Customer Service at 608-467-0229 if you have questions on sizes or measuring your fireplace.